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The Firm started out in marine insurance practice specializing in suburgatory claims and has since evolved to practically all lines of insurance such as motor claims, fire claims casualty/CGL, Engineering, D & O, E & O, Bonds and collection of unpaid premiums and facultative claims (whether for or against an insurance company) and crew and hull claims on the maritime side, thereby making insurance and maritime its major field of specialization. It represents clients in all aspects of insurance claims whether for recovery or defense. Clients retain the Firm to represent them in the negotiations for an out-of-court settlement and in suborgation actions in court including the enforcement of provisional legal remedies to protect the clients’ recovery rights such as arrest of the vessel in which remedy the Firm has easily gained prominence in terms of smooth and polished implementation with desired results.

The Firm has also been representing compensation liability insurers abroad in settling injury claims and/or employee’s compensation benefits for overseas workers. With its excellent and high-quality relationships with shipping lines lawyers and the latter’s P & I Club correspondents, the Firm has been effectively handling cargo. Of late, the Firm has been noted for representing practically entire cargo interests in regard to the recent sinking of a huge cargo and passenger vessel in the Philippines in what could be considered as one of the world’s worst maritime tragedies in recent history. It also advises clients on the prospects of recovery and the practicability of amicable settlement and has been noted for quickly delivering results most desired by clients. The Firm’s extensive practice and long exposure in this field of law with a reputably high batting average on cases won and/or settled, has enabled the Firm to carve its own niche in the industry as one of the leading law firms engaged in insurance and maritime practice in the country today.

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